About Us

Nyangatjatjara College is an Anangu College in Central Australia. We provide secondary education across three remote communities and primary education in one (Docker River). All of our students are Anangu and almost all speak Pitjantjatjara as their first language. We are the only secondary education provider in the Northern Territory south of Alice Springs.

We belong to the Association of Independent Schools of the Northern Territory (AISNT). Our aim is to have every child across our communities attending school and learning every day. We are passionate about working with Anangu to provide a great education for the young people in our region.

Nyangatjatjara College was established by Nyangatjatjara Aboriginal Corporation and opened on 21 July 1997. In the first five years of its life, the college grew from one building to multiple temporary buildings at four campuses based in the communities it serves. The Yulara campus is architecturally-designed site. Its bright colours and staggered rooflines meld the buildings with the environment and reflect the Central Australian landscape.