CEO Message

"Our school provides quality education to Anangu learners so that they can participate fully in 21st Century Australia and reach their potential - educationally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. I have been CEO/Principal since 2010 and I am proud to be associated with a College that is genuinely responsive to the direction provided by Anangu with relation to education. This occurs through the governance and guidance of our Board, as well as through innovative surveying of community by trained Anangu researchers.

"We partner with a range of providers to deliver the most comprehensive education that we can for our students. We continue to develop links throughout the TriState region, and strive to both lead and learn from other remote schools and educators. Providing remote secondary education is not an easy task, but it is rewarding. In 2015 we took on the additional challenge of delivering primary education in Docker River, and this is as exciting as it as demanding. Our focus every day is on establishing genuine connections with young Anangu, meeting their needs, readying them for life beyond school - and that is a big but very meaningful task."

- Chris Harvey, CEO/Principal