September 2020 newsletter

We had been forced to postpone the 2020 Annual general Meeting which was scheduled for April 2020. The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic caused the Corporation to consider abandoning or postponing the 2020 AGM. ORIC has extended the normal time and we are now in a better situation with things looking a bit safer to move and meet. The new date for the NAC Annual General Meeting is Friday 16 October 2020.

The Annual General Meeting for 2020 will be held using video conferencing between 3 locations of Docker River, Imanpa and Yulara. The meeting will start at 10:30 am Friday 16 October and finish at approximately 12:00 Noon.

Screens and video cameras will be setup in the three locations to allow the meeting to go ahead and it will be run out of the Yulara. Transport will be arranged to pick-up people in each of the communities to get them to the meeting in time for a cuppa and cake before the start of the meeting.

Students from the secondary schools at Docker River, Imanpa and Yulara will be showing off some of their Hospitality skills developed during the certificate courses this year. They will be serving and cleaning-up after morning tea and lunch. Lunch will be available after the completion of the meeting.

Meeting places for Friday 16 October are the Primary School Library at Docker River. The Classroom at Imanpa and the College kitchen at Yulara.

A notice of meeting and the agenda was been mailed to NAC Members on Friday 11 September 2020.


This year has been a difficult year with the impact of COVID 19 and restricted movements of people and communities. The College has been impacted by the pandemic and attendance has been reduced in most campuses. Term 1 was shortened due to the issues around border closing. The Teaching staff at each campus came back for a period of isolation at Yulara. This delayed the start of term 2 in the classrooms. This situation was avoided at the start of term 3 and we began on time. There is hope that term 4 will be a little closer to what we would hope with more students attending more regularly.

Despite the changes forced on the College in 2020 we have continued to make good progress with our students and the various School to Work transition opportunities and developing work exposure opportunities for students as they become of a suitable age. Progress has definitely been slower in 2020 after a solid improvement across the areas of work readiness and training in 2019.

Imanpa Students

Mutitijulu Students

Docket River Primary Students